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> Hi there!
> I am Gwendall Esnault, a 29 year-old Paris-born designer, coder and entrepreneur living in New York.
> I founded and am currently building TechList (a mapping of the French tech startup ecosystem) and Falcon (a tool to easily discover the social details of anyone you can meet on the web).
> After dropping coding to study and work in economics / finance, I decided to focus back on my hacking skills and doing things that matter.
> I am passionate about good design and technology and am convinced those combined can change people's lives for the best. I have been running a few experiments on various ideas on my spare time. Here are some of them (in no particular order):
> 40this: Build crowdsourced top 40 lists of anything (March 2013)
> Built over a weekend in reaction to Complex's ridiculous 40 hottest women in Tech list. Also an experiment on flat and responsive design.
> Hackerface: Rapportive for Hacker News (Sept 2012)
> A weekend hack that led me to build Falcon due to the success it had on Hacker News. The story got covered more in-depth here.
> Fundfeed: A crowdfunding aggregator (Aug 2012)
> A platform aggregating projects from Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Rockethub. Because crowdfunding is cool but the space is too messy.
> Codesurfing / Covengers: Meet fellow hackers nearby (May 2012)
> The prequel for TechList. Built at the Techcrunch Disrupt NY 2012 hackathon. Was awesome to demo it live on Techcrunch TV in front of thousands of people. Great adrenaline. And apparently people liked it.
> Priceclerk: A shopping assistant for Pinterest (Sept 2012)
> Built at a Startup Weekend in NYC. A Chrome extension that shows the prices and details of the products you see on Pinterest. Fun fact: Pinterest did not like it.
> Tweetline: Turns your Twitter into a Pinterest-like feed (Apr 2012)
> Built it when the Pinterest-y grid layout was not boring.
> Friendsdomains: Share the cool domain names you own (June 2012)
> Because I buy way too much domain names for the ideas I have, but happen never using them.
> Douchebot: Just a bot saying mean stuff (June 2012)
> A fun Sunday afternoon hack built after joking on the concept with a friend.
> Ypander: Load Hacker News through AJAX (Sept 2012)
> Quick Chrome extension that allows you to expand the comments of a thread without loading a new page.
> Wevoxe: Quora for debates (May 2012)
> Ifanyone: Google Alerts for your Facebook newsfeed (Apr 2011)
> Built at the Techcrunch Disrupt NY 2011 hackathon. Got me a free ticket to the conference.
> Cardroulette: Let an app decide who's going to pay the restaurant check when you go out with friends (Sept 2012)
> Built at the Techcrunch Disrupt SF 2012 hackathon. Also got me a free ticket to the conf.
> Aircred: ? (2011)
> A cool idea I may work on again in the future. Can't tell more. :)
> Gossipizer: A social gossiping network (2011)
> Project I killed in the egg. Would have made the world a worse place.
> Hoodsup: Chatroulette with pants (2011)
> A Chatroulette-like app requiring a Facebook login to participate and showing you the common points you have with your partner. Yes, like Airtime but way before it.
> Lechef: A chef marketplace (2011)
> Openecole: A Skillshare for France (2011)
> Plansaround: A Skillshare for France (2011)
> When I'm not building stuff, I can be found hanging on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Github, AngelList or Soundcloud
> Take care,
> G